Teacher Trainig for Children’s Ministry

Our principle is based on a simple truth: The most valuable resource for our children to know Jesus, is not a program, book or other educational resources, but the learning experience that is lived through passionate educators who love Jesus and offer rich and effective teaching.

  • What is it about: We have brought together the collective experiences in Children’s Ministry and the best available educational resources to the project to train the future teachers of our own local church and many other christian churches in the Dominican Republic.
  • The project: Spread over 24 months, the proposed training whould focus on the preparation, couching and cheering approximately 120 volunteer teachers who serve, or wish to serve, in children’s ministry of multiple churches in the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, we aim to train a number of instructors to ensure high-quality and competent replication for our target population.

The Goal:
Training + Advocation for


Youth Teachers in Dominican Republic
(24 Month)

Three parts of the project

  1. Research and development programme: Deliverables: Pastors reach-out (round table discussion )+ design and complete a survey to 500 youth teachers to identify opportunities and create a secure database of contacts.
  2. Program launch. An event for 120 children’s teachers and their pastors. It will have three parts: advocation, short training and gathering.
  3. Implementation: 80 group training sessions (face-to-face) per year (10 participants per group, 100 participants in total), 3 gatherings together with their pastors and a final graduation event.



A presentation of Christian doctrines with a special focus teaching and application when ministering to children. We will learn about the person of God, the work of Christ, the church, and the end times. All with the purpose of explaining and applying in such a way that children understand it.

Theology of Children’s Ministries

We will learn that children are just as important as adults in the life of the church, and that the Lord’s means of grace can reach the little ones from the earliest age.

Ministry Design

We will learn a methodology for the design of effective, creative programs with clear objectives. With this, the participants will be able to create their own programs to reach children, contextualized to their reality, following the vision of their local church and according to the specific needs of their audience.


  • Increase the number of children’s ministry teachers for churches of the Dominican Republic.
  • Promote and encourage existing Children’s Ministry teachers to remain active in their ministry.
  • Increase the knowledge of children’s ministry teachers on the fundamental doctrines of christianity.
  • Involve more male role models in Children’s Ministry.
  • Make visible, recognize and promote investment in the children’s ministry.
  • A current state assessment on Children’s Ministries in the Dominican Republic and its main needs.
  • A nationwide database of early children’s ministry teachers, organizations working with children, and their available resources.